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CASINO PLAYERS EZINE #35Editor: Gayle MitchellSeptember 2004Issue #35

Featured Article: Super Aces VP

Super Aces is aptly described as the payout for Four Aces leaps to 2000 credits.

The beauty of this payout is that no fifth card is required, unlike Double Double Bonus where a 2, 3 or 4 must be in place.

It is hard to believe, but let me repeat, four aces as in ANY four aces pays 2000 coins.

It should be noted that Super Aces average return is not over 100%, however, it has become a very popular VP version sought after by players who find those 2000 credits just too tempting to resist.Additionally, the full house and flush combination is reduced to only 7/5.

Even so, for the players who want to play this super game, I feel it is worthy of mention. I have provided a Super Aces pay-schedule below.

The table below illustrates the payout for specific winning hands, one coin return payout and maximum coin return payout.

Pays: Super Aces 7/5=one-coin return=max. coin return

Pair—Jacks or Better=returns the bet=5 coinsTwo pair (2 PR)=returns the bet=5 coinsThree-of-a-kind (3/kind)=pays 3-1=15 coinsStraight (ST) (sequence, not same suit)=pays 4-1=20 coinsFlush (FL) (non-sequential, same suit)=pays 5-1=25 coinsFull house (FH) (3 of a kind and a pair)=pays 7-1=35 coinsFour-of-a-kind (quad) fives to kings=pays 50-1=250 coinsFour-of-a-kind (quad) 2’s, 3’s or 4’s=pays 80-1=400 coinsFour Aces=pays 400-1=2000 coinsStraight flush (SF) (in sequence, same suit)=pays 60-1=300 coinsRoyal flush (RF)(except with max. coins)=pays 250-1=4000 coins

Strategy: Of course, you are always on the lookout for a pair or three aces to hold awaiting the ‘big strike’, but you should also be aware of straight flush possibilities that come your way as that payout is slightly higher at 300 compared to the usual 250 coins.

It’s not worth the measly payout for a full house of 35 coins to save two pair when one pair is aces.Super Aces is often found at triple multi-hand machines so three aces held give you at least three opportunities for a bountiful payday.In one video poker session, I was very profitably surprised to be dealt four aces multiplied by three that resulted in a 6000 coin payout. BTW, I have a Super Aces tale that will lead you to ask, as I did, “what are the long odds on this happening?”

I noticed a player who had a 6000 payout in front of her with three quad aces, but she had only held three aces and had NOT been dealt four aces.Think about that, all three hands produced a fourth ace on discard!

I entertain my friends with this story as we discuss the great amount of luck involved.

Jackpot Bulletin: Winning Stories

James Stowe won over $991,000 hitting the dollar Wheel of Fortune. His stated strategy was “the person before me had played a lot of money and I knew it was going to hit.”

’Everyone is friendly and it feels like home” is the way he feels about the Grand Casino Coushatta in Kinder, LA where this retiree from Alvin, TX hit the MegaJackpot.

This double winner was feeling lucky after winning $1000 on another machine and only investing $9 before the huge Wheel of Fortune hit. Stowe plans to invest his winnings. He said, “this win may not change my life, but it will make my retirement even better than it already is.”

A Truckload of YenHideki Isimoto, a trading company rep did not understand how much he had won until it was translated into yen. Hideki, a Japanese visitor at Luxor Hotel & Casino, said he played the quarter Wheel of Fortune machine on impulse and was fortunate enough to hit the MegaJackpot progressive for $876,842.

After the translation, he said, “I had no idea that it was so much money. I’m still in shock!”

And She Said… Blue Water Resort and Casino in Parker, AZ was the place for Larry Jackson who won $750,455 on a dollar Wheel of Fortune. Jackson, a retiree from Lake Havasu City, Arizona, had taken a day trip to the casino to play his favorite machines. When asked about his plans, Jackson stated, “that will be up to the wife.”

The Wheel and a Tax RefundCindy L. Wells of Bethalto, Illinois didn’t waste any time taking her tax refund to the casino that in turn produced a $1,451,299 Wheel of Fortune win. An available machine at Fitzgerald’s Casino in Robinsonville, MS caught her eye and gave her what she thought was a $1,000, or possibly $14,000 jackpot before a casino employee corrected that to a top jackpot score. Wells said she plans to pay off her house and car, and buy her son a new truck. “It will ease the load and we will not want for anything.”

CASINO PLAYERS EZINE #38Editor: Gayle MitchellOctober 2004Issue #38

Gayle Storms: Editor’s Rant:

The Good, Bad, Ugly & Horrendous SlotsDuring a recent visit to Niagara Falls traveling both sides of the border, I visited three casinos and yes, the weather and company was wonderful, the Falls magnificent as ever, but let’s discuss the reason fortravel—slots.

As most players have experienced, I discovered the good, bad and ugly. There is now a fourth category and that’s horrendous. I mean, this has to be the worst VP pay schedule on earth and deserves a rant.

The good is the brand spanking new FallsView Casino in Niagara Falls, Ont. with over 3500 slots, and an impressive layout with a splendid dome overhead.There were all the latest versions and I had a sit-down with my friends, the bonus slots, mostly 9 lines, but jumping a couple of times to 20 lines.

The bad for both Niagara, Ontario casinos, old and new is the sky-high prices for dining and paying for valet. Although dining choices are varied at the new location, I don’t need to feel that I am ‘breaking into’ a good portion of my gambling bankroll for good eats and parking.

I have always warmed to the idea of a couple of bucks that allows you to step right up to the casino and have some good-natured valet take care of your car.

I can imagine the skimpy tips the Niagara valets receive when you have already skimmed the patrons for parking fees.

My third stop was Seneca Nation ‘across the river’ at Niagara Falls, NY. I was all smiles when I came upon two banks of the new QuarterMillion $ Frenzy machines and yippee, there were a couple of seats.After playing some basic slots, I began to explore the VP offerings.

Readers know that I usually rant about the ugly Joker Poker VP schedule where the minimum hand payout is two pair rather than the more generous Kings or Better.

However, here are the three exceptions at this bank: Payouts for Straight Flushes AND Royal w/Joker is 500, 5 of a kind is 4000 (that’s a big WOW, it’s usually 1000 coins) and a progressive Royal payout, therefore 4000+ coins.

I did a mental calculation that this would increase the overall payout to almost 99%.

Here’s the full pay schedule below, one that I have never found in Vegas.

Pays – Jokers Wild 8/5 one-coin return max. coin return

Two pair (2 PR)=returns the bet=5 coinsThree-of-a-kind (3/kind)=pays 2-1=10 coinsStraight (ST) (sequence, not same suit)=pays 4-1=15 coinsFlush (FL) (non-sequential, same suit)=pays 5-1=25 coinsFull house (FH) (3 of a kind and a pair)=pays 8-1=40 coinsFour-of-a-kind (quad)=pays 16-1=80 coinsStraight flush (SF) (in sequence, same suit)=pays 100-1=500 coinsJoker Royal (includes Joker)=pays 100-1=500 coins5-of-a-kind pay=4000 coinsRoyal flush (RF)=progressive, 4000 coins+ for max. play.

Unfortunately, it gets ugly. There are only ten quarter machines in the bank and there sits a player who has decided that she ‘owns’ three machines. Her strategy is put some money in each machine, plop a plastic bucket down on two and ‘dance’ around among them, thereby leaving seven to whoever has the fastest sneakers and pointier elbows.

It was no use asking if someone was playing there, (a subtle way I have of letting the ‘hog’ know I am on to them).

Wait, it gets uglier—casino employees won’t intervene. When I approached them, I was told that as long as there are credits on the machine, there was nothing they could do.

So much for the ‘one machine at busy times’ policy obviously not practiced here.

Normally, not a patient person when I’m in a casino, I wander off for a couple of hours and upon my return, the ‘hog’ is down to two machines and all but one other is empty.

Casino Players Ezine- Special eReport 2

I go in for the kill and even though out of practice for the 2 pair schedule strategy, I take a chance and hold only the Jack. Bingo—three more plus the Joker and $1000 is mine.

I can’t help but smirk, for revenge against hogs is so sweet.

Most of the ugliness had worn off by now, but little did I know I was in for horrendous at a nearby bank of Multi Game VP.

My selection was of course, Joker Poker and as always before I play, I check out the pay schedule.I was pleased to find that this version also paid 4000 coins for five of a kind and 500 for both straight flushes and Royal w/Joker, but wait—the Royal Flush paid only 500 coins!

I rubbed my eyes and checked again-yes, it was only 500 coins. Never in my long playing career, had I seen a pay schedule less than 4000 coins and certainly not a paltry 500. Why would anyone of sound mind play this horrendous machine?Imagine the grief of hitting a Royal and receiving as much as you would for a straight flush or royal w/Joker.

Later, I did an analysis of this horror and found the overall payout is about 97%. Now, I know that it is expected that VP and Slot payouts outside of Vegas will take a plunge, but this is well, just—horrendous and worthy of any casino players’ scorn.

Gayle Mitchell’s website is: www.easycasinogambling.com

Casino Players Ezine- Special eReport 2