The NFL, the most famous sports brand in the U.S., and Aristocrat Gaming are preparing for the next NFL season, and we finally have some ideas about what they’re up to. The first visuals of their long-awaited NFL-themed slot machines are finally revealed, along with the NFL Super Bowl Jackpots. 

New slot machines before the 2023 NFL Season:

Casino players will be able to enjoy new games when the 2023 NFL season begins. Two years ago, in 2021, the license agreement was signed, and the companies started to prepare a completely new slot gaming experience that will keep their fans engaged throughout the season.

Hector Fernandez, the CEO of Aristocrat Gaming, said: “Today, we are thrilled to debut the first look of the new NFL-licensed slot machines, which will provide an innovative entertainment experience for millions of NFL fans who enjoy the fun of casino gaming. We are changing the game with this first-of-its-kind slot machine, offering fans the ability to customize the experience by selecting their favorite team in any casino they choose to play.”  

Joe Ruggiero, an SVP of Consumer Products at the NFL, added: “The unveiling of the first NFL-themed slot machines represents an opportunity to bring the League closer to our fans in a new area. We have valued collaborating with Aristocrat to bring their vision and responsible gaming resources to fans during the 2023 NFL season and beyond.”

Several thrilling options and responsible gaming promotion:

The new NFL Super Bowl Jackpots, available on the King Max cabinet, isn’t the only game that will be released thanks to this multi-year agreement, but it’s the one that can potentially give the players a chance to win a $1 million progressive jackpot. However, the game itself provides the player with an opportunity to enjoy unique gameplay enriched with some of the fantastic additional features. Among the players’ favorites will surely be six stadium anthems that will play in key moments. 

Other slot machines that will be available to the players in 2023 and 2024 are Overtime Cash, Super Bowl Link, NFL Kickoff, Winning Drive, and Rings of Victory. Every one of these is customizable and differs by the element of NFL gameplay that is in focus.

Aristocrat Gaming’s main focus is responsible gameplay. It’s famous for its innovative approach to various gaming solutions, with its company program, which accentuates strong compliance and customers’ and casino players’ empowerment. This fall, a new company awaits, with one more time highlighted responsible gaming marketing and advertising. The launch of the new campaign will be at the same time as the launch of the slot games released in collaboration with the NFL.

The NFL also runs a program dedicated to responsible betting public awareness.

First Visuals of NFL and Aristocrat Gaming’s Slot Machine Finally Available

First Visuals of NFL and Aristocrat Gaming’s Slot Machine Finally Available