The 2023 NFL season kicks off on September 7! The reigning Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs play versus the Detroit Lions to roll down the avalanche that will seemingly make few Americans resistant to football fever. Indeed, CNBC reports that the American Gaming Association’s (AGA) survey shows that a record 73.5 million of the US adults plan to place wagers on NFL games this season. If one takes into account that a bettor placed $100 on the Arizona Cardinals to win the Superbowl hoping to win as much as $1 million, it is clear that the NFL heat is on!

Opening Game:

Record 73 million Americans Ready To Wager on 2023 NFL Games

The Kansas City Chiefs are the favorite to win Super Bowl LVII  and are therefore getting 4.5 points more chances to win the opening game versus Detroit. But the Lions will not be sitting idle to look for the leftovers from the Chiefs’ table but will rather be waiting for the opponent’s slightest error to jump on the prey and take the sweet taste of victory to their side of the field.

Most Bet NFL Season In History:

All those that will be placing bets this season, according to the AGA survey, will account for a nearly 60% increase in comparison to the total wagers placed in 2022, when around 46 million of Americans wagered on NFL games, CNBC reports. It also notes that 19% of all American wagers will be placed through online sports books or mobile operator which is 56% more than in 2022. Also, NFL fans reportedly plan to place 42% more wagers this season when compared to the previous one. Americans seem increasingly interested in placing NFL bets.

Confirming the assumption, Seamus Magee, trading team lead at BetMGM, reportedly said: “We expect this to be the most bet NFL season in BetMGM’s history.” 

Sports Betting Expansion:

The growth of sports betting is a direct consequence of the 2018 Supreme Court ruling that allowed wagering on sports events. The activity proliferated over the years (known as the post-PASPA period) to become legal in 34 states and Washington, D.C. to date. The expansion of gambling facilities and their extension to online and mobile facilities has contributed to the overall industry growth. Leading sports books like DraftKings, FanDuel, and Caesars have improved online features to enable easy and safe wager placements and the industry growth.

NFL Partnerships

For this reason, the NFL reportedly signed a $1 billion official partnership deal with these three operators for the period of five years. Meanwhile, sports books opened their land-based facilities in stadiums, while the league proceeded with NFL-branded slot machines developed by Aristocrat and distributed to casino properties across the country.

Focused on Fans

Driven by positive actions, NFL has reportedly changed the league’s view on sports gambling. Past involvement of some former and active players in the betting operations has resulted in suspensions and penalties for violating the respective NFL bans. Such cases might have cast a bit of a shadow, but cannot keep the new NFL season off the spotlight: the show starts on September 7 to welcome a record number of American fans and wagers!

Record 73 million Americans Ready To Wager on 2023 NFL Games